Welcome to Citadel Intelligence.

Since 2004 our mission has been simple – to provide our clients with exceptional service at a competitive rate.

Citadel Intelligence is a full-service security guard company with offices in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, OK. We service all of Oklahoma and many other locations throughout the United States.

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Corporate Security – Armed and Unarmed Guards

Citadel Intelligence only places the most highly trained Security Officers and full-time police officers at our client’s facilities we are hired to protect. By requiring our Security Officers to meet higher standards we effectively bypass concerns regarding the ineffectiveness, lack of training, and incompetence of traditionally less qualified security guards.

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Special Event Security

Our Special Events Unit was created with the goal of having a dedicated team of highly trained officers in an always-ready state to provide security for all types of events. By having a team who works together in a wide variety of situations, we are able to provide rapid response for special events like Concerts, Sporting Events, Weather/Natural Disasters, Parties, Weddings, or any other type of event.

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Security Consulting

The first line of defense against criminal activity is being aware of your company’s vulnerabilities and exposure to risk. Our Professional Security Experts will assist you in making your company safe and secure for your employees and customers.

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Become part of the group of financial institutions that are setting the standard for security in the banking industry! Banks and Credit Unions across the country are providing their employees with the most innovative, leading edge, advanced armed robbery training available, Financial Institution Safety Training!

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